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Reduced methane emissions

The Group entities take regular measures to mitigate any atmospheric leaks of gas that are associated with scheduled maintenance or equipment failures. Loss standards to be followed whilst producing associated petroleum gas at the fields get adopted annually for all Russia-based oil and gas producing entities. Given the high levels of petroleum gas utilization at LUKOIL's fields, the share of methane dispersion is far below the established standards.

Once a year, the Company monitors the technical state of its trunk and inter-field lines by carrying out helicopter inspections using laser gas leak detectors. The gas lines undergo monthly walk-about/drive-about inspections to determine the technical condition of their equipment and rule out any integrity losses.

The Company also conducts annual expert reviews of the health and safety practices, and engages independent certified contractors to conduct expert examinations of the gas equipment and lines, following which an opinion is issued on whether their further operations is permitted.