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Premium Sales Channels


LUKOIL sells the bulk of petroleum products in the retail market via its well-diversified distribution network of 5.0 thousand filling stations in 19 countries. 


LUKOIL is one of the largest suppliers of bunker fuels, with bunkering operations covering 25 ports in six Russian regions. LUKOIL carries out its overseas operations in Bulgarian and Romanian ports.

LUKOIL sells both own and purchased jet fuel, mostly into-plane fuel, at airports in Russia and Bulgaria through its own sales network or third-party refueling companies.

LUKOIL's long-standing consumers of jet fuel include major Russian and international airlines, and civil aviation companies.

Our into-plane refueling network covers 33 Russian airports, in which 19 of the jet-refueling complexes are operated by LUKOIL or are joint ventures.


LUKOIL Group produces lubricants at eight of its own sites, within two joint ventures, and at 25 contracted plants. Our Russian assets comprise full cycle lubricant production facilities at the refineries in Perm and Volgograd, a lubricant blending plant in Tyumen, and a joint venture between LUKOIL and Russian Railways, INTESMO, producing greases in Volgograd. LUKOIL’s overseas production assets include its own plants in Austria, Kazakhstan, Romania, Turkey, and Finland, as well as LLK-NAFTAN joint venture in Belarus, producing additives.