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Energy efficiency

LUKOIL views energy efficiency enhancement as one of the main tools of adapting itself to the global energy transformation. The Company's policy is geared toward sustainable use of energy resources, which is instrumental in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving the overall production efficiency.

The energy efficiency goals of the Company include:

  • maintain efficiency of the process procedures and process equipment operation;

  • make sure that fuel and energy resources are efficiently used;

  • effectively develop and upgrade energy assets;

  • minimize indirect greenhouse gas emissions.

(Sustainability Report-2020) The energy conservation program of the Russia-based LUKOIL Group entities is designed to improve utilization of energy and reduce its loss as a result of scheduled annual activities covering the main business segments.

  • Upstream: deployment of energy efficient equipment.

  • Downstream: revamping, streamlining of production processes, flowcharts of energy streams and heat exchange between process facilities.

  • Power Generation: replacement and revamping of process equipment, heat load change-over from ineffective boiler houses, and their subsequent shutdown.

  • Product Marketing and Transportation: lighting system upgrades.

In accordance with the approved Schedule, Russian organizations of the LUKOIL Group have successfully recertified energy management systems for compliance with the requirements of the new version of ISO 50001:2018 standard.

The Company has approved its 2021 and 2022 - 2023 Energy Conservation Program.  In order to enhance its energy efficiency throughout the process chain, from 2020 and on, the LUKOIL Group entities in Russia are bound with KPI "Fulfilment of the Approved Energy Conservation Program".