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LUKOIL and Youth


The Company's youth policy is designed to attract young employees, create an environment that promotes realization of their personal potential and facilitates their professional development.

Youth outreach begins at school. The Company's subsidiaries organize tours around their production facilities and Doors Open Days for school children. We cooperate with numerous educational establishments which we view as our strategic partners. Students can start their career paths even before they've completed their studies, for example, during on-the-job and pre-degree internship. The Company has been successfully developing its mentoring practices.

The Company has been quite actively using mentoring as a tool to ensure adaptation of young professionals to the working environment and competence acquisition. A mentor is assigned to every young professional or worker for up to one year. The mentor renders the young professional comprehensive assistance and support in fulfilling.

Contest to award the "Best Young Professional of the Year" title

The "Best Young Professional of the Year" contest includes various categories and is intended to encourage young professionals to be more active, unlock their creative and professional potential, make them more committed to the accomplishment of their professional goals with the Company. The winning contestants are entitled to a lump sum bonus, plus they get a salary uplift that remains valid for one year. The winning contestants may be included into the talent pool of the organizations or placed on the internship schedules of the LUKOIL Group Organizations.

Councils of Young Specialists are quite successful, their task is to help young employees to adapt to the new work environment, master their profession and instil commitment to the Company's corporate culture and values. Councils of young professionals operate on organizational and regional levels.

Extensive effort is being made to promote personal development of young professionals and improve their performance levels, including a range of personal efficiency sessions designed to foster leadership and business acumen, internships with other LUKOIL Group Organizations, corporate engagement of young professionals by making sure that they take part in corporate events, including corporate and industry-specific research and technology contests and conferences, forums, Young Professional Days, etc.

LUKOIL's Best Technological Development Project Contest held amongst young researchers and professionals is designed to promote the creative initiative of young researchers and professionals, employed by the LUKOIL Group Organizations and reward them for the best research, design and engineering projects contributing to LUKOIL's research and technology potential. The contest serves to boost production performance, improve the quality of products and services and enhance reliability and security of operations, savings of workforce and inventory, levels of mechanization and automation of production processes, add to the flexibility of processes, get people to be more active and address comprehensive environmental issues. The event is also open to students of the respective higher education institutions. The contest is held every other year and includes 16 categories.