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Technological advances and business process automation are increasingly driven by digital data enablement which offers considerable competitive advantages in a dynamic external environment.

The Board of Directors approved the IT Strategy of LUKOIL Group, a functional program focused on digitizing the Company's business processes to improve efficiency. 

Our digital programs in Exploration and Production business segment are mainly focused on enhancing oil recovery, reducing operating expenses, and increasing the efficiency of field development. Adoption of the intelligent field concept is an important digital project for LUKOIL.

Digital programs in the Refining, Marketing and Distribution business segment primarily aim to enhance equipment efficiency and reliability, improve control over the environmental impact of operations, and provide better customer service.

Digital programs for the Corporate business segment mainly focus on accelerating and improving management decision-making processes while increasing workforce productivity, automating HR management and organizational development processes, and reducing the risk of cyber attacks.


An intelligent field concept (LIFE-field) developed at the Company implies integration of field management processes based on the automated computer systems and hightech data collection systems. The concept covers the entire project development cycle, from prospecting and exploration through to decommissioning, and includes the following elements: integrated modeling, integrated planning, integrated operations center, etc. The concept has a vast potential for operational process optimization to boost production and cut costs. The key source of such optimizations is the identification of bottlenecks and subsequent efficient debottlenecking. Specifically, considerable effect is achieved through enhanced coordination of geological modeling and modeling of the field's infrastructure.

Intelligent field technologies are implemented to the fullest extent at the Company's major international projects in Uzbekistan and Iraq. In Russia, the Company actively applies these technologies in the Caspian Sea and the Urals, and their deployment is underway in other regions of LUKOIL's operations.