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LUKOIL GENESIS are unique synthetic oils designed using innovative molecular technologies taking engines to a new level of protection, reliability, and fuel efficiency.

LUKOIL GENESIS series was elaborated on the basis of the experience of an international team of scientists considering the features of modern engines. Each oil in GENESIS line has its specialization and enhanced properties provided due to unique molecular compounds, which is confirmed with tests conducted on engines by various manufacturers. New perfect technology used in LUKOIL GENESIS oils provides an incredible molecular stability guaranteeing an unprecedentedly reliable protection of engines.

The package includes a series of products targeted at various types of engines considering their design features and operation modes. A Program of engine field tests to evidence the conformance with the requirements by API, ACEA, and automakers was conducted in order to obtain international approvals and certify the stated properties. The tests were made by the leading laboratories of the USA and Europe, which confirmed the highest quality level of LUKOIL GENESIS oils.