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Press Release


{ 8/22/2022 12:37:43 PM }

PJSC LUKOIL announces the acquisition of 100% share in JSC "Football Club Spartak-Moscow" and "Otkritie Bank Arena" stadium.  

The Company has been the major sponsor of the Club for over 20 years and has worked in close cooperation with the Club on projects related to "LUKOIL" brand promotion.

In the near future LUKOIL intends to implement a number of strategic initiatives aiming to enhance the Club management system and streamline the decision-making process with involvement of sports industry professionals with proven track record.

LUKOIL will continue active development of the Club infrastructure; in particular, necessary steps will be taken to relocate Fedor Cherenkov Academy (Moscow children's and youth football school) to Tushino. The Company will also finance the construction of multipurpose sports complex and hotel for athletes and fans in Tushino. 

The Company believes that these initiatives, coupled with steady sponsorship support by LUKOIL and other partners of the Club will reinforce Spartak's competitive position and lead to new victories.

PJSC LUKOIL also informs that due to secession from shareholders, Mr. Fedun resigns as President, Board Member and Chairman of JSC "Football Club Spartak-Moscow" and will no longer be involved in management of the Club.

LUKOIL highly appreciates Leonid Fedun's contribution to the development of the Club, its infrastructure and sports achievements. The Company will strive to multiply these achievements while preserving the century old traditions set by the outstanding founders of Spartak, its coaches, athletes and a multimillion fanbase. 

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