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Brand Story


The name LUKoil, comprising the first letters of the cities in which its oil production enterprises were located, was officially registered on November 25, 1991.
The first characteristic features of the LUKOIL brand, namely the trademarks, were developed in February 1993.
The logos are  comprised of a graphic trademark and a verbal one in slanted writing.

The new trademarks, corporate font and corporate colors were introduced May 26, 1995.

  • The logo was modernized, and white, black and red were chosen as the company's corporate colors.

  • A stylized logo with a drop instead of the letter "O" was created.

  • Another logo was added, combining two trademarks, graphic and verbal, in two designs, vertical and horizontal.

In 2001, the slogan "Always moving forward!" became part of the LUKoil brand strategy, which expresses the key objective, the company's strive for continuous development and excellence in all areas.

The new corporate logo styles were launched on April 28, 2008.

  • The combined trademark, the logo with a drop instead of the letter "O", is now used only in the decoration of gas stations and on the stickers of lube-oil canisters.