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History. 1995

Switching over to common corporate shares

LUKOIL is the first Russian oil company to develop a program for switching over to common corporate shares.

Joint-Stock Company Structure Improved

Pursuant to Regulation of the Russian Government No. 861 of September 1, 1995 “On improving the structure of joint-stock company “Oil Company “LUKOIL”, controlling interests of nine oil production, marketing and service enterprises in West Siberia, Volga region, and Urals region are added to the Company’s authorized capital.

Strategic Partnership with ARCO (USA)

Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO), a U.S. company that acquired a 6.3% interest in JSC LUKOIL, becomes LUKOIL’s shareholder and strategic partner.

Geographic Presence Expansion

LUKOIL joins international projects, Kumkol in Kazakhstan and Melia in Egypt.