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Press Release


{ 2/18/2021 12:00:00 AM }

As part of its effort to minimize impact on water bodies of the Komi Republic, LUKOIL commissioned new water treatment facilities and commenced closed loop steam generation at its oil mines in Yarega, Pervomaisky and Nizhny Domanik settlements.

Earlier on, the company had already installed a water reuse system at Yarega field. The steam, injected in the subsurface, is condensed in water that is brought back together with produced oil. Before it is reused to generate steam, water gets separated from oil and undergoes multistage treatment.  

With the new facilities, treating up to 17 thousand cubic meters a day, the process involves household, rainfall, melt and industrial waste waters, too. The system allows minimizing of natural water consumption.

LUKOIL also proceeds with commissioning of new process facilities in the Komi Republic. For instance, the company has brought in operation a steam generation unit at Usinskoye field. The ninth facility of its kind in a string of steam generating plants, commissioned in the region since 2017, the new unit runs on associated petroleum gas, supplied from LUKOIL's gas processing plant in Usinsk.

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