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Press Release


{ 4/6/2017 12:00:00 AM }

LUKOIL presented its environmental program and a booklet, ECOlogical Culture, as part of a roundtable discussion at Subsea Valley, one of Norway’s major industry conferences, in Oslo.

LUKOIL’s program places special emphasis on environmental safety at its offshore fields, particularly on compliance with the zero discharge principle which prescribes removal and subsequent disposal of all industrial and domestic waste from offshore platforms onshore. The Company also develops technologies for safe operations in the Arctic climate, which is especially important given the specifics of offshore production in the region.

Also presented at the round table were LUKOIL’s joint research projects with the leading Norwegian oil and gas companies, BaSEC and BaSMIN, offering effective HSE solutions.

Throughout 2017 – the Year of the Environment in Russia – LUKOIL will be presenting its environmental program and the “ECOlogical Culture” booklet in the regions of its presence in Russia and abroad.

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