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Press Release


{ 10/25/2022 1:49:46 PM }

Two new dormitories were built and equipped in Perm for the students of corporate groups of Perm Tech University thanks to support of PJSC LUKOIL. The project was brought into reality in just 12 months under the Cooperation agreement between Perm region and the Company.

Each four-storied dorm can host 50 students and is outfitted with Wi-Fi, Smart House system, and biometric ID system with face recognition function. Each building has kitchen-dining rooms and other amenities. The dormitories were named Parma (an old colloquialism for Perm region) and Yugra, as a symbol of cooperation between LUKOIL's two regions of operation.

Students of the corporate groups (1st to 3rd year) currently go to the university in Perm, next year they will move to Kogalym, Yugra region, which is a base city for the Company. In 2023, construction of the Education Centre – a branch of Perm Tech University – will be finished there. Simultaneously, up to 380 students will be able to receive field-oriented education there on the matters that LUKOIL specializes in. The centre will integrate education process with science and real industry. 

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