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Social Projects Competition


LUKOIL's Social and Cultural Projects Competition has been held in the Russian regions of the Company's presence since 2002. The main objective of the competition is to provide support to the local community projects and initiatives designed to address pressing issues of their territories, and help active citizens or entities implement their audacious social ideas in their regions.

In the regions the Competition is held by LUKOIL Group Organizations and the LUKOIL Charity Fund.

For the competition they consider applications in three major categories, including "Environment", "Spirituality and Culture" and "Sports". Besides every year they approve an additional category. In 2015 to mark the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War they established an extra category entitled "Victory". In 2016 to mark the 25th anniversary of PJSC LUKOIL's foundation the extra category was called "Energy for the good of the mankinnd".

The LUKOIL Social and Cultural Projects Competition is winner of the first National program "Best Russian Social Projects" in the category "Socially-Oriented Competitions".

The LUKOIL Social and Cultural Projects Competition started back in 2002 in the Perm Krai. The competition's geography kept on growing. In 2004 they held the first Competition in Volgograd Oblast, in 2005 the project extended to cover the Republic of Komi, Nenets Autonomous Okrug, KhMAO — Yugra, YaNAO and Astrakhan Oblast, Nizhniy Novgorod Oblast in 2007, Kaliningrad Oblast in 2008, Tatarstan in 2010, and Samara Oblast in 2015. 

The Competition is currently held in 19 Russian regions. The number of projects is growing as well. When the Competition just started out in 2002 it got somewhat over 140 applications, but in 2015 the number of considered applications neared 3,000. 

Over its lifetime over 20,000 projects were submitted to the LUKOIL Social and Cultural Projects Competition for review, out of which 4,000 were winning projects and those that were implemented. The Competition annually provides backing to a total of about 400 projects in every region. Though funding per project is limited, the total funding for projects exceeded 600 mln. RUB

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LUKOIL started to devise its system of dealing with the indigenous minorities of the North (IMN) from its very foundation, since the first companies to make up the Group operated in the regions of IMN residence (KHMAA-Yugra).