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External social policy priorities

LUKOIL is demonstrating high standards of corporate citizenship in all regions of its presence across the world. In building relations with the local communities, we rely on the principles of transparency and partnership. In many of its regions, the Company acts as a major contributor into their economic and social development. Hence, we view assistance to the communities and improvement of living standards in the regions of our presence as a priority. In carrying out our social investment programs, welfare, charity projects or activities, we continuously deal with governmental authorities, NGOs, media, and locals. Through our own tried and tested as well as global best practices, we seek to maximize the yield of our social investment and charity projects, by responding to the pressing concerns of the locals and carrying out regional development plans. In implementing our initiatives, we engage experts that possess successful experience in implementing various social projects. LUKOIL's support has helped turn into reality hundreds of projects, both in and outside of Russia.

The funding for such projects is provided through both the LUKOIL Charity Fund , and directly by the LUKOIL entities.

Many years of positively engaging with local communities, and carrying out welfare initiatives both in Russian and foreign regions, keep the Company on the rise and promote all-round and successful development of territories.

The Company views childcare assistance as its top priority and investment into future generations.

We have been providing assistance to childcare facilities that are home to orphans and children without parental care. Our programs help spur their personal development, make them healthier, boost their social engagement skills, and render them adapted for adult life. The Company annually awards personal LUKOIL scholarships to the leavers of the company-sponsored foster homes, who are now students of higher and secondary educational institutions.

Of particular concern to the Company are disabled children and children who are in need of medical assistance. Projects receiving funding from the LUKOIL Group entities help address the most pressing issues, e.g. minors with ICP are provided with wheelchairs, it has been over 20 years of the project "Illustrated Books for Blind Children", under which the Company has been publishing specialized embossed books that help such kids develop an image-based perception of the world around.

Various contests are held for gifted children, opening up new prospects for pursuing a career in arts and music.

The Company has provided support to both vocational and higher educational institutions in the line of oil and gas. LUKOIL’s partnership with educational institutions is of a comprehensive nature, and is designed to preserve the high intellectual potential of the oil and gas industry, making it capable of facing up to new challenges. The money allocated by the Company is used to establish research facilities, labs, departments, purchase equipment, publish new text books, or collections of oil and gas themed articles. Starting 2000, the Company has been providing personal scholarships for the most gifted students, and awarding grants to teachers with the oil and gas and technical higher educational institutions. The grant program helps avert the drain of the teaching staff and incentivize the students.

Educational Projects
  • Scientific Research by Higher Educational Institutions. In 2011 LUKOIL spun off its design teams alongside with equipment and software to become part of three Russian higher educational institutions (Perm National Research Polytechnic University, Tyumen State Oil and Gas University and Ukhta State Technical University). These were used to establish research units in the partner higher educational institutions. Contributors to the research and development also include students and teachers of the educational institutions.

  • Training Center. In 2019, supported by the Company, an interactive resource center was opened in the historic pavilion No. 25 "Oil" of the Moscow Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy. This is the largest applied research multimedia museum-like display in Russia featuring a complete cycle of production, i.e. from the extraction of hydrocarbons all the way down to their refining and marketing.

  • Oil Museum. 2021 saw completion of a grand-scale remodeling of the oil museum within the Company headquarters, which for the first time in its history opened its doors to everyone wishing to visit. The items on display focus on the formation of Russia's oil industry. The museum is comprised of over 20 themed areas that are multimedia technology-based.

The Company seeks to promote development of healthcare in the regions of its presence, providing support to specialized medical centers; district, municipal, infectious disease, children's hospitals, or out-patient clinics. The funds allocated by the Company are used to purchase medical equipment, renovate or construct individual premises.

LUKOIL's sports program is designed to promote healthy lifestyles and sports. The Company is backing both professional, and amateur teams, and looking for new ideas to put its sports-related initiatives in action. It embraces a systemic approach that is all about continuous support of sports organizations (clubs, federations, leagues, etc.) through the LUKOIL Sports Club. The sports sponsored by the Company are soccer, motor racing, basketball, cross-country skiing, water polo, handball, etc.

Sports Projects

  • Starting 2001 LUKOIL has been sponsoring one of Russia's largest children's sports organizations, the Children's Football League". About 3,000 teams and 5,000 young football players from all over Russia participate in the tournaments held by the League every year. Starting 2002, the Children's Football League has been holding a tournament called LUKOIL CUP, featuring teams from Russia, CIS, Baltic countries, and Europe.

  • Since 2018, the LUKOIL Sports Club has had an ongoing charity and grant project "Setting the Tone in Sports", intended to provide support to young athletes (aged 6 - 14) that do Olympic sports. In addition to financial rewards, the winners are presented with sports gear, and get some coaching from Olympic champions. 

LUKOIL views preservation of the Russian culture for the generations to come and promotion of the Russian culture and arts as an important social mission. The Company has, over the years, been backing up museums and theaters, creative teams and festivals. LUKOIL has contributed to shows, and tours of creative teams, restoration of cultural heritage sites, renovation of community and cultural centers.

Cultural Projects:

  • Support of the Tchaikovsky Grand Symphony Orchestra

  • Financing the establishment of the Maly Theater of Russia in Kogalym.

  • Support of the Perm State Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet Theater

  • Cooperation with the Kaliningrad Regional Philharmonic Hall

  • Support of the Astrakhan State Opera and Ballet Theater

The Company has undertaken to set the stage for preservation of the national and cultural traditions and crafts in the regions of its presence.

Perm Territory

For many years, OOO LUKOIL-PERM has been the title sponsor of an annual inter-regional sales exhibition, featuring the finest arts and crafts specimens from the Kama Region. Also, with the Company's direct involvement, the following festivals were started: "Savior of the Honey Feast Day", "Elovo fish", "Savior of the Bread Feast Day", "Barda-Zien", "Sabantuy", and the open children's festival of folk crafts entitled "Selenite Box".