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External social policy priorities

LUKOIL is demonstrating high standards of corporate citizenship in all regions of its presence across the world. In building relations with the local communities, we rely on the principles of transparency and partnership. In many of its regions, the Company acts as a major contributor into their economic and social development. Hence, we view assistance to the communities and improvement of living standards in the regions of our presence as a priority. In carrying out our social investment programs, welfare, charity projects or activities, we continuously deal with governmental authorities, NGOs, media, and locals. Through our own tried and tested as well as global best practices, we seek to maximize the yield of our social investment and charity projects, by responding to the pressing concerns of the locals and carrying out regional development plans. In implementing our initiatives, we engage experts that possess successful experience in implementing various social projects. LUKOIL's support has helped turn into reality hundreds of projects, both in and outside of Russia.

The funding for such projects is provided through both the LUKOIL Charity Fund , and directly by the LUKOIL entities.

Many years of positively engaging with local communities, and carrying out welfare initiatives both in Russian and foreign regions, keep the Company on the rise and promote all-round and successful development of territories.