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Liquefied Hydrocarbon Gas

The LUKOIL Group produces liquefied hydrocarbon gases (LHG) at its enterprises located in Perm, Nizhny Novgorod, Volgograd Oblast and West Siberia. Liquefied hydrocarbon gas (LHG) is directly sold by the manufacturing plants, as well as via OOO «LUKOIL-RNP-Trading» through exchange sales.


For further information on LHG properties and the possibilities of purchasing please contact the LUKOIL Group Organizations. To do it please choose the products you are interested in and follow the respective links.

Liquefied individual hydrocarbons saturated under pressure, including propane, butane or their mixture intended for domestic consumption, as motor fuel, and as raw materials for chemical plants.

Mixtures of saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons С3-С5 liquefied under pressure. Light hydrocarbons are mostly used for petrochemical production and secondary petroleum refining.

Liquefied under pressure mixtures of saturated hydrocarbons С2-С6 (broad fraction of light hydrocarbons, BFLH), derived from associated petroleum gas (APG), as well as in the process of gas condensate stabilization. They are mostly used for splitting BFLH into components to derive individual hydrocarbons and their mixtures.

Directorate for Gas and Gas Product Supplies​

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