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Press Release


{ 9/16/2016 12:00:00 AM }

Today, employees of LLC LUKOIL-West Siberia (a wholly-owned subsidiary of PJSC LUKOIL) received state, ministereal, regional and corporate awards in Kogalym (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area-Yugra) marking the 25th anniversary of PJSC LUKOIL. Twenty-four persons were honored at the ceremony. The awards were presented to the oilmen by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Olga Golodets, the Governor of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area-Yugra Natalya Komarova and the First Vice-President of PJSC LUKOIL Vladimir Nekrasov. 

The Order of Honor was awarded by the Russian Federation President’s decree to the Chief Engineer of OOO LUKOIL-ENERGOSETI’s Langepassko-Pokachevskaya Energoneft Service Center Valeriy Latkin for outstanding contribution to the fuel and energy complex development and longstanding conscientious work, the Medal of Order of Merit to the Fatherland, II degree, was awarded to the Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance - Treasurer of LLC LUKOIL-West Siberia Sergey Zats and to the service technician for process unit maintenance Viktor Tereshchenko.

Titles of honor were presented to four employees of the Company: Honored Worker of Oil and Gas Industry of the Russian Federation - to the operator of oil and gas production Radik Yulbarisov, Honored Worker of Fuel and Energy Complex - to the processing pump operator Rayfin Gareev, Honored Worker of Oil and Gas Production Industry of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area – to the electric-and-gas welder Ivan Asmanov and process unit operator Valeriy Vershinin.

Certificates of Merit of the President of the Russian Federation were awarded to the Deputy General Director for Personnel Management of LLC LUKOIL-West Siberia Andrey Kabatov, electric-and-gas welder Nikolay Bykhun, service technician for gas equipment operation and maintenance Aleksandr Erokhin and operator of oil and gas production Andrey Martynov.

The Certificate of Merit of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation was presented to the Deputy General Director for Gas Projects of LUKOIL-West Siberia Valeriy Kostilevskiy.

The Honored Worker of the Company title was awarded to the operator of oil and gas production of LLC LUKOIL-West Siberia Ildar Kunakkuzin for his outstanding personal contribution to the development of LUKOIL. The Merit of the Company decoration was awarded to the General Director of TPE (Trading and Production Enterprise) Kogalymneftegaz Vladislav Zubarev and four other employees. The Veteran of the Company honorary title was presented to three employees of the Company.

After the festive awarding ceremony LUKOIL’s First Vice-President Vladimir Nekrasov, the

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

Olga Golodets and the Governor of Yugra Natalya Komarova answered the questions of LUKOIL-West Siberia’s oilmen.

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