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Press Release


LUKOIL Press Service reports that the company has successfully completed extinction of fire at additives feeding unit of LUKOIL's refinery in Ukhta, Russia. The inflammation, contained at 11:20 pm of January 9, was extinguished at 1:14 am of January 10. The company has proceeded to repairs and recovery.

No process equipment, tank farm or utilities connecting offsites are at risk. The block that was on fire is an independent facility, located at a safe distance from the refinery's core process equipment. As all other process units operate in a standard mode, the refinery, continuing to deliver commercial output, has no restrictions on acceptance of crude oil.

The condition of an employee, who suffered an injury of moderate severity as a result of the emergency and was admitted to a local hospital, is satisfactory. His life is not in danger.

Continuous monitoring of air by a refinery's mobile lab and an environmental control station disclosed no evidence of environmental pollution and proves the emergency produced no harmful impact on the population of the city of Ukhta.

According to the onsite sensors and cameras, the fire at the additives feeding unit broke on the 9th of January, 4:49 pm. Following corporate procedures the refinery immediately notified the Ministry of Emergency Situations and other state authorities and reacted in line with the emergency response plan.

An ad hoc commission was convened to identify the cause of the accident and  mitigate its effect. 

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