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Press Release


{ 7/22/2021 12:18:49 PM }

​Post-accident clean-up following the leakage of oil-containing fluid at the territory of the Nenets Autonomous District (NAO) and the Republic of Komi enters its final stages. The leakage was caused by the loss of piping integrity of the pipeline that connects a multiphase pump station of the Oshskoye field and a booster pump station No. 5 of the Kharyaginskoye field located in the Nenets Autonomous District.

Populated areas and business facilities, including those situated in the Arctic zone of Russia, are in no danger.

The clean-up involves over 100 employees of LUKOIL and qualified contractors, over 30 pieces of machinery. They act in close cooperation with authorities.

LUKOIL specialists detected the leak on 11 May 2021 during a helicopter check flight. Its cause lies in the loss of piping integrity within 300 metres from the Kolva River coastline. In accordance with current legislation and in compliance with all regulations, the incident report was submitted to regional offices of Rosprirodnadzor and Rostechnadzor, as well as to the unified NAO duty dispatching service.

According to Rostechnadzor guidelines, the incident falls in the category of accidents.

​The response personnel immediately contained the bulk of oil-containing fluid onshore, over the area of approximately 1.3 ha. Clean-up operations are underway; almost 130 cubic metres of polluted soil have already been gathered. The area will undergo technical and biological recultivation in the nearest future.

Less than nine cubic metres of oil-containing fluid found their way to the Kolva River water body. Containment and recovery operations started immediately. There are no deaths of biological resources caused by the accident.

Gathering of oil-containing fluid from the water surface goes on around the clock. Sorbent agents and boom defences are in use at the seven response lines. Around 2500 metres of containment and adsorbent booms are installed. Thirty tonnes of highly efficient sorbent agents have been employed to adsorb particles of oil products and make their gathering easier.

​Drinking water supply sources are in no danger. Water supply facilities of the city of Usinsk are located on the Usa River, upstream of the Kolva River inflow. Rural populations are supplied with water from water wells located in the settlements.

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