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Press Release


LUKOIL Group of companies commenced step-by-step transition to sales of inter-season and winter diesel fuel. In different regions of Russia depending on the climate conditions, summer diesel will be gradually replaced with winter grades no later than November, 15th.

Complying with Russia's state standard of diesel fuels (GOST 32511-2013 ″Diesel fuel EURO. Specifications.″), LUKOIL's winter and inter-season diesels are produced with special components, that guarantee cold filter plugging point at 20˚C below zero for inter-season F grade diesel, at 26˚C below zero for grade one diesel, minus 38˚C and minus 44˚C for diesel fuel of third and fourth grades, supplied to the regions of the Far North.

LUKOIL's gas stations also offer high quality Euro 5 ECTO diesel, preventing scaling on injectors and guaranteeing smooth run of engines and failure-free ignitions. 

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