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Press Release


{ 11/9/2018 12:00:00 AM }

The LUKOIL Press Service warns all the concerned parties that some unidentified persons negotiate supplies of petroleum products with foreign counterparties on the company's behalf. For instance, money was demanded from potential purchasers in the Republic of Ghana, ostensibly to pay for the registration of the contract at the Russian Ministry of Energy, as a prerequisite to provide for supplies of liquefied hydrocarbon gas.

Forged seals and signatures of LUKOIL Group's senior managers, and the LUKOIL trademark are illegally used in the false messages.

As regards the international market, please note that LUKOIL's single trading operator, LITASCO, is the only counterparty selling the company's oil and petroleum products (except for lubricants and bitumen products). 

Please use caution when communicating with unknown parties and double-check the information received against the LUKOIL official web sites (www.lukoil.ru and www.lukoil.com) and the web sites of LUKOIL Group companies.

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