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Press Release


{ 3/17/2020 12:00:00 AM }

LUKOIL has started to perform wind monitoring, which is the first stage of developing feasibility study for constructing a wind power plant (WPP) near the current Tsimlyansk HPP in Rostov Region.

The site for the WPP has been chosen considering a positive wind potential assessment, as well as effective equipment delivery logistics and opportunity to use the Tsimlyansk HPP existing power infrastructure for power distribution.

Project implementation is planned as part of renewable electric generation support mechanism.

Wind monitoring is used to determine exact wind power potential and to identify generating equipment parameters and optimal location.

Data collection and analysis will be carried out within a year on various altitudes involving a wind measuring unit with installed anemometers and other weather monitoring instruments. This unit is assembled using modern technologies that guarantee its full autonomy and environmental safety.

The weather monitoring data and feasibility study results will lay the foundation for the decision on the investment project implementation for the WPP construction.

Wind monitoring will be carried out as part of renewable energy development program within the Company's Climate Adaptation Strategy.  

As Denis Dolgov, Vice President for Power Generation and member of the Management Board of LUKOIL, put it: 'The project implementation will contribute to carrying out compensational measures designated to reduce GHG emissions. To achieve this goal, we intend to further develop the renewable energy sector. LUKOIL is now successfully managing a fleet of four hydropower plants, solar and wind power generation facilities in Russia and abroad. We also have a portfolio of promising initiatives that can be implemented in various regions of the Company's presence under favorable conditions.'

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