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Press Release


{ 1/26/2015 12:00:00 AM }

For the ninth consecutive year, LUKOIL has emerged the victor in the “Filling Station” category of a survey, “Loyalty Brand 2014”, conducted in Russia by the international publishing house Reader’s Digest. Thirty-six percent of the respondents voted in favor of LUKOIL’s filling stations. The first time LUKOIL had won a “Reader’s Digest” rating was in 2006.

LUKOIL also finished first in the category “Loyalty Brand. Green Planet”. The company’s filling stations have won superior reputation with the survey respondents in terms of environmental protection: 42 percent of them favored LUKOIL in this category. The survey is primarily conducted to determine ecologically responsible companies regarded as eco-aware brands by consumers.

For reference:

The “Loyalty Brand” is regarded as the largest European survey of consumer preferences and is aimed at identifying the brands trusted by the Europeans best of all and the reasons for it, to assess the brands from the point of view of quality, cost and comprehension of consumer needs. The survey is independent, since its results can only be influenced by the respondents. The results are processed by Wyman Dillon Limited (London, U.K.), a well-known marketing agency.

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