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Press Release


{ 12/23/2022 2:20:17 PM }

LUKOIL developed a new lubricant selection service, which has no counterparts in Russia. Its distinguishing feature is the high accuracy of search results and ability to rank them in accordance with manufacturer recommendations for cars, special vehicles and machinery.

The digital service is a unique solution developed by the Company. The search algorithm allows to pick oils for any needs, from light vehicles to niche industrial machines, while taking into account all requirements for the lubricants stored is an extensive database of vehicles and equipment. At the moment, LUKOIL offers to its clients over 800 types of lubricants.

In the future, the functionality of the service might be expanded to include other suppliers of lubes.

The new online service is available at LUKOIL official websites via the following links: www.lukoil-masla.ru and www.lukoil-shop.ru

  • Press release in PDF

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