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Employment with the multinational company LUKOIL is challenging, coveted and advantageous. We only have the best pros on our team: those who are genuinely passionate about their job.

Cooperation with educational institutions is viewed as a crucial component of the entire HR management system.

Educational institutions are strategic partners of PJSC LUKOIL. Business relations that the Company has been maintaining with educational institutions enable it to promptly address almost any personnel development issues.

To improve PJSC LUKOIL interaction with educational establishments designed to induce long-term cooperation in research, training of top-notch personnel, and those forming the Company's talent pool, the Company has approved its Comprehensive Interaction Program between the LUKOIL Group Organizations and oil and gas, chemistry and energy higher education institutions.

The key areas of such cooperation include:

  • career guidance for school children;

  • internship for students of educational institutions;

  • advanced training to employees of the LUKOIL Group Organizations;

  • research and engineering activities.

Students from educational institutions can get their on-the-job training starting with the third year of studies, as well as pre-degree internship with the LUKOIL Group Organizations. A degree in a blue-collar job is always a plus!

How do I do my internship?

The educational institution of the student sends an official letter to a LUKOIL Group Organization asking for an internship.


The company has established special nominal grants designed to promote creativity of young teachers (under 35), assist them in developing their skills and carreer, and addressing their social issues. Grants bestowed by the LUKOIL Charity Fund may only be sought by in-house teachers or research associates of an educational institution involved in the learning process, however in each case under 35, who have gained a reputation of promising teachers seeking to realize their personal potential in teaching, actively contributing to the improvement of the substance of teaching and learning and methodological support for such activities, conducting research on the subjects designed to boost efficiency of the oil and gas production in the market economy environment and make sure that it is environmentally safe, as well as doing research in the field of management, information, political studies, geopolitical studies, public relations, international policy studies, social and cultural studies, or other social sciences.

  • Scholarships

    The goal behind establishment of nominal scholarships by the LUKOIL Charity Fund is to ensure social protection of the most gifted students and make them more concerned about getting a university degree. Candidates for scholarships are selected from undergraduate students of the 3rd and 4th years of studies, graduate students of the 1st and 2nd years of studies, or full-time students of the 3rd to 5th year of studies with oil and gas departments (institutes) of higher education institutions. Scholarships are awarded to students with a GPA of 4 or higher. In awarding scholarships, the pride of place goes to students who have signed contracts with the the LUKOIL Group Organizations. Decisions to pay out Scholarships are ceremoniously read aloud on the premises of the respective higher educational establishment.

    The lists of candidates for scholarships are made by educational institutions and approval of such lists is sought from HR departments of the LUKOIL Group Organizations. Scholarships are awarded twice a year based on the grades received to students at the end-of-term exams.