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Press Release


President of LUKOIL Vagit Alekperov and Governor of Yugra Natalia Komarova signed a Supplement Agreement on Cooperation for 2018, in Kogalym today. The funds, allocated by the company under the agreement, will be spent on the construction and reconstruction of social infrastructure and regional development initiatives in 11 districts and cities of Yugra.

Thanks to the company's financial support, Kogalym will continue to reconstruct the city's former movie and concert hall to convert it into a building to suit the needs of the local branch of the Maly State Academic Theatre. LUKOIL will also contribute to the implementation of Kogalym's educational projects under the Success Formula International Baccalaureate Program. Besides, preconstruction works will be performed on a to-be-built kindergarten for 320 children and a sports facility. Another sports center will appear in the town of Pokachi. The second construction phase of a public garden will be commenced there too. Reconstruction of a children's healthcare center in Uray will be continued to convert it into residential property. The company also intends to commence construction of an indoor skating rink in Uray, renovate the Oilman cultural center and an indoor hockey arena in Langepas. An embankment and a culture and leisure facility, Pitchfork, will be renovated in the town of Beloyarsky, an indoor multifunctional recreational ground and an ice skating rink will be built in the urban settlement of Mezhdurechensky, while a gas boiler house will be constructed in the village of Varyegan. It is also planned to build a local community center for 50 visitors in the village of Trom-Agan and perform major repairs of a motorway in the settlement of Sergino.

LUKOIL will also render financial assistance to projects of the regional office of the Russian Geographical Society, Save Yugra Society and the L.F. Stashkevich Natural Park Konda Lakes. The company also plans to finance local initiatives intended to promote physical training and sports, athletic events for youth and children, patriotic and sports development of younger generations, as well as assist with implementation of major cultural projects.

During their working trip to Kogalym, Vagit Alekperov and the Yugra Governor visited new facilities constructed with LUKOIL's financial support. Those include three-storey houses to be completed shortly and the Saint Martyress Tatiana Church. Also, Vagit Alekperov and Natalia Komarova took part in a Q&A teleconference with residents of Kogalym, Uray, Langepas and Pokachi.                

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