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The Usinskoye field

Usinskoye field is a field located in Komi Republic. It was discovered in 1963 and has been in development since 1973. The license is valid until 2062.

High profitability of oil production from the field’s Permian-Carboniferous deposit is explained by the existing beneficial taxation of high viscosity crudes.

The field’s Permian-Carboniferous deposit contains crude that is highly viscous and uses thermal recovery methods for development. It was commissioned in 1977. As of late 2015, proven reserves in the Permian-Carboniferous deposit total 452 mln. barrels (3P reserves come to 584 mln. barrels). Most of the reserves within the deposit are developed by natural drive. To step up oil recovery one has been injecting dispersed steam into high temperature areas, certain producers received cyclic steam treatment, including combined treatment that involve chemical injection.

At the field various oil recovery technologies are used: directional drilling of producers and construction of horizontal wells, which includes introduction of the heat-gravitational drainage technique. Over the last 5 years there’s been a sustainable growth in the recovery of high-viscosity oil.


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