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Yu. Korchagin Field

The Yu. Korchagin field was discovered in 2000 and became the first field put on stream by LUKOIL in the Caspian. The field started producing in 2010. Yu. Korchagin Field is located in the Russian Caspian Sea at depths between 11 and 13 m. The distance to the nearest shore (the Volga delta) is about 120 km. The nearest sea ports are Astrakhan (175 km) and Makhachkala (250 km), the closest railway stations are in Astrakhan, Makhachkala, Kizlyar and Derbent.

When developing the field and constructing the field infrastructure, the Company successfully tested sophisticated technological solutions and gained considerable experience and extra knowledge of the region's geology. For instance, the Company successfully applied anti-ice solutions, including heated ice fences, and reinforced anti-seismic and anti-erosion structures and piles.

All the solutions that proved to be successful during the construction at the Yu. Korchagin field are currently applied by the Company to maximize the development efficiency of the Caspian Sea fields.

The field's construction project includes two phases. Phase 1 infrastructure comprises an ice-resistant platform with drilling facilities, a living quarters platform, and an offshore transshipment facility used to ship crude oil before relevant facilities were commissioned at the V. Filanovsky field.

In 2016, to tap the reserves of the field's Eastern part, the construction of Phase 2 infrastructure project was under way comprising a wellhead platform for drilling of up to nine wells, and subsea pipelines and power cables to connect the Phase 1 iceresistant platform.

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