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Our contribution to the UN sustainable development goals


Taking into account the strategic guidelines of LUKOIL Group, the Company's experience in implementing environmental and industrial safety programs, social programs for employees of our entities and for the regions in which our enterprises operate, as well as the expectations of interested parties, we haveidentified 11 priority UN  Sustainable Development Goals and 15 Targets.

These goals and targets are harmoniously combined with operational programs implemented by LUKOIL Group entities, and are part of corporate planning and budgeting. Therefore, we believe that their implementation, alongside other steps taken by the Company, largely determines the contribution LUKOIL Group makes to achieve the UN global Sustainable Development Goals.


Target 4.4


We believe the standard of education provided impacts the well-being of people and society; hence, by supporting schools and higher educational institutions we lay the foundation for future decent employment and economic growth in the regions where we operate.

  • A comprehensive program of interaction between LUKOIL Group entities and institutions of higher education in the oil and gas, chemical and energy areas

  • Support programs for students and teachers of higher and secondary education organizations in Russia

  • Charity support for schools and educational institutions / centers

  • Personnel education programs

Target 5.5

We share the ILO standards for decent and productive work for women and men in terms of equal opportunities, providing social guarantees and respect for human dignity.


Targets 6.3, 6.4

Access to clean water is a basic human need and is essential for the conservation of ecosystems. We aim to reduce adverse impacts on water resources and eliminate them wherever possible.

  • LUKOIL Group entities Environmental Safety Program, Clean Water subprogram

  • Charity projects and programs

  • Social and Cultural Projects Competition («Ecology» nomination)

  • Volunteer actions to clean up river banks from garbage.

  • Projects related to provision of drinking water in foreign countries

Targets 7.2, 7.3

Improved energy efficiency is one of the main prerequisites for the Company's competitiveness amid a global trend of transitioning to a lowcarbon economy. Through implementing our RES projects, we increase the share of affordable "clean" energy.

  • RES Development Projects

  • Energy Conservation Programs of LUKOIL Group  entities

8.3, 8.8

We recognize employees' right to decent work, create the necessary conditions to ensure that they work productively, and implement relevant social and occupational health and safety programs.

  • Personnel costs (remuneration and social programs)

  • The costs for improvement of workplace environment and labor protection, reducing injuries and occupational illnesses

Target 9.4

We invest in upgrading and building new production equipment and implement the best available technologies, thereby increasing production efficiency in this area.

  • Program of scientific and technical works

  • Digital Development Programs as part of the Information Strategy of LUKOIL Group

Target 12.5

Our approach entailspreventing waste accumulation and reducing its generation whenever possible. We are committed to producing ‘cleaner’ and more energy efficient products.

  • Environmental Safety Program of LUKOIL Group entities, Waste subprogram

Target 13.1

We recognize the importance of actions to prevent climate change and support global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • The Environmental Safety Program of LUKOIL Group, Clean Air subprogram

  • Program for the rational use of APG of LUKOIL Group entities

Targets 14.1, 14.5

For marine ecosystems conservation purposes, we adopt a "zero discharge" principle, which is the main protection mechanism, and perform environmental monitoring, and other activities.

  • Environmental Safety Program of LUKOIL Group entities, Biodiversity conservation subprogram

  • Industrial environmental control

  • Emergency Prevention and Response

  • Biodiversity Conservation Program for the Company's facilities operating in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation

Target 15А

Biodiversity is necessary for conserving healthy ecosystems and human habitat. Our work on conserving biodiversity is based on the principle prevent – reduce – restore – compensate.

  • Environmental Safety Program, Biodiversity and Remediation subprogrammes

Target 17.17

Partnership is the main principle of our interaction with society.