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Corporate Volunteering

Backed up by the Company, the LUKOIL personnel, totally uncompensated, take part in voluntary environmental initiatives, activities, or projects to help individuals or welfare organizations. Volunteering is integral to LUKOIL's corporate culture. This is a way for the Company and its personnel to demonstrate their engagement in the life of the territories where the Group's entities operate.

    •  Environmental Campaigns

LUKOIL's volunteers annually hold their own environmental campaigns, and heed calls from other environmental campaigners in the regions. They plant trees, clear river banks and springs, clean up parks and public gardens, and natural areas.

    • Target Charity Drives

Young professionals of LUKOIL launch volunteer projects to help those in need:

  • war veterans and the industry's old-timers: pay visits to the elderly, help them with their household chores, give out presents;

  • child care: visit orphanages, assume patronage over children's institutions, hold celebrations and events;

The volunteers also hold fun fairs and city festivals, getting municipal and rural communities to lend a helping hand to people living next door.