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Recruitment is regulated by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation and legislations of the countries where the Company operates. The Company employs personnel depending on available vacant positions and upon a special job requisition form. All the new employees shall acquaint themselves with corporate labor acts, human relations and social policies, business ethics and corporate culture rules, anti-corruption and information security policies, documents regulating the use of personal data as well as provisions on confidential, commercially sensitive, proprietary and insider information.

The Company does not tolerate discrimination based on gender, race, age, or other grounds. The hiring process applies an equal opportunity approach to local applicants abroad, to men and women, to applicants with limited health abilities, to members of the indigenous minorities of the North, and to other social groups.

LUKOIL's basic recruitment principle in foreign countries is to employ and – if necessary – to train as many local employees as possible. The Company provides an opportunity to suitably qualified applicants to take up various jobs, management positions among them. If the Company fails to find a professional among locals, employees from Russia are seconded to spread corporate culture and expand competencies through international projects.

The Company has formed a pool of mobile personnel. Managers and experts with experience and knowledge, required for successful delivery of projects, count among mobile employees and can be seconded to LUKOIL Group companies or projects to achieve corporate targets. Mobile personnel is a tool to diminish risks of poor efficiency, immediately respond to a demand for qualified experts or managers irrespective of the situation on a local market, and at the same time, an opportunity to work in different cultural and business environments that motivates employees, who prefer diverse challenges and personal development.

To facilitate employment of disabled people the Company has adopted corporate regulations on job quotas for disabled employees. The job quota of 2 to 3 percent of the Company's average headcount is established for each region where the Company operates.

Disabled employees work on special conditions that include privileges, guarantees, shorter hours with standard pay and longer paid leaves. The Company also provides special workstations, adapted or additional equipment.