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A major employer both in Russia and abroad, LUKOIL is committed to a uniform approach to human relations management, cultural awareness and compliance with legislation in all countries and regions where the Company operates. The principles and standards of the Human Capital Management Policy and other corporate policies and procedures are obligatory for all LUKOIL Group companies.

All employees are required to familiarize themselves with the Policy at informational events held by LUKOIL Group organizations, and contribute to its implementation.

LUKOIL Group's human relations management system is based on PJSC LUKOIL Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, PJSC LUKOIL Social Code and Corporate Culture Rules that introduce corporate principles of labor relations.

The fundamental document that defines the strategy and priorities of HR management is the Human Capital Management Policy. Serving the Company's strategic purposes and contributing to consolidation of its leading position on the market, it is also a tool to manage risks and respond to challenges of the modern world.

The principles and standards of the Human Capital Management Policy and other in-house rules establish recruitment and selection procedures, terms of employment, define what shall be done for outstaffed employees and their family members in emergency cases, and cover other HR-related issues, too.

LUKOIL introduces leadership and engagement tools to guarantee the Company's sustainable future.

Leadership and engagement mean higher value of the human as the key driver on the way to strategic goals of LUKOIL Group. Management against targets, productive and motivating dialogue between managers and employees, continuous feedback and up-to-date labor efficacy and personnel performance management system guarantee result-oriented behavior and delivery of personal and team achievements against targets.

The Company has established corporate principles of and approaches to project personnel management.  Project personnel allows efficient solution of engineering and technical tasks, facilitated by operational and investment efficacy of major and priority projects in Russia and abroad. A tool to decrease the risk of low quality or incompetent solutions, project teams use world's best practices and the Company's own experience.

LUKOIL has developed a unified approach to building project teams. The Company has introduced a set of competences, a personnel development system, performance appraisal and remuneration system, based on a digital performance and efficiency appraisal rating. The Company's corporate knowledge system envisages a special framework to accumulate experience in project work and incorporates a data base of lessons learnt in the course of projects.

LUKOIL understands that skills and knowledge the employees have, shall match the complexity of advanced technologies and operation facilities the Company uses. The special Digital Personnel program was introduced to train employees to work with digital technologies and use devices. The Company is developing a data base of key competences and technologies. 

This program is also intended to decrease risks of accidents, improve working conditions, raise efficiency of labor and advance the quality of operations.