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Press Release


{ 3/28/2017 12:00:00 AM }

LUKOIL and Gazprom neft ran joint exercise "Arctic-2017" to simulate oil spill response in ice conditions in Arkhangelsk region. The exercise took place in the Barents Sea, near the Varandey fixed ice-resistant offloading terminal and Prirazlomnaya ice-resistant platform.

The exercise was initiated by the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment as part of activities held under the Year of Environment in Russia. Emergency rescue teams of the Ministry of Emergencies, Sovkomflot, Sea Rescue Service of the Russian Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport,
LUKOIL-Trans, Gazprom Neft Shelf and other organizations also participated in the exercise. The exercise involved over 15 units of equipment, 2 specialized vessels and more than 100 employees from LUKOIL entities.


The exercise scenario called for participants to respond to a simulated oil spill in ice conditions near the Prirazlomnaya platform and protect the shore line near the Varandey village from oil pollution resulting from a collision between an oil tanker and a support vessel.


Results of the emergency response exercise have demonstrated that LUKOIL and Gazprom neft have sufficient manpower and resources to prevent and respond to oil spills in ice conditions of the Arctic seas.

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