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Press Release


{ 7/12/2022 7:10:13 PM }

LUKOIL approved Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Improvement Program for entities of the LUKOIL Group for 2023 and for the period of 2024-2025. The Program will help the Company to save about 9 million GJ of fuel and energy resources over the next three years.

The Program provides, among other things, for upgrading pump and process equipment, optimizing production processes, patterns of power flow distribution and heat exchange between process facilities as well as introducing modern lighting systems.

Energy saving activities make a basis of the Decarbonization Program of the LUKOIL Group.

Efforts to improve the energy efficiency in the Company are based on the energy management system. By now all major production entities have confirmed their compliance with requirements of the new revision of the ISO 50001-2018 international standard.

The energy management system includes mid- and short-term planning process to set quantitative goals in energy saving for one and three years. The achievement of goals is reviewed on an annual basis at the yearend and projected indicators are adjusted accordingly.  ​​

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