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Press Release


{ 5/17/2022 11:01:37 AM }

PJSC LUKOIL introduces a new digital platform for human resources development created by VK and Rostalent. The solution includes a corporate web portal and a Personnel Efficiency Management system based on the Company's exclusive HR methodology.

The corporate web portal is an automated centre for LUKOIL Group talent and knowledge management, which unites corporate online resources. The Personnel Efficiency Management system introduces innovative digital approaches for human resources governance and development.

These tools help to raise employees' motivation and involvement, create personalized programmes of skills development, and form individual career paths.

The new services will join in a united digital space where employees of over 70 LUKOIL Group organizations will communicate and develop themselves. Upgrading and maintenance of the systems will be conducted by specialists of VK Digital Technologies and LUKOIL.

"For many years, VK has been successfully enriching its communications with employees by applying its long-time expertise in social networks and popular online services. This is made clear by the company's growing attractiveness for jobseekers. Therefore, we chose VK to be not only our technological partner, but also an expert in digital transformation of HR processes. Combining our partner's experience with the best practices in HR approaches, personnel analysis, IT and BI offered by Rostalent talent management platform will help us to integrate employees relations and business processes of LUKOIL organizations in a united network," said Alexander Podolsky, Vice President for Information Technologies of PJSC LUKOIL.

"Key companies, such as LUKOIL, set the trend of using high-tech HR-tools, as well as best practices of talents management and development. The Company that has over 100 thousand employees understands clearly that people are the main factor in a business' success. We are happy that our solution based on the VK People Hub platform will provide LUKOIL's employees with a distinct vision of both the Company's strategic goals and their own career prospects, as well as help them to achieve high results in a more efficient manner," noted Pavel Gontarev, Managing Director of VK Digital Technologies.

"We welcome this opportunity to be VK's partner in one of the most large-scale and ambitious projects of digital transformation in the Russian market. For many years, our company has been creating and implementing technological solutions for talent management of large businesses. This platform not only automates HR-processes and aggregates big data, but also serves as a smart assistant for managers and employees," said Konstantin Sarattsev, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Rostalent.


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