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Press Release


{ 10/15/2019 12:00:00 AM }

LUKOIL and Vladimir Region concluded an Agreement on Cooperation in the city of Vladimir, today. According to the document, signed by Governor of the region Vladimir Sipyagin and Vice President of LUKOIL for Petroleum Products Sales Maxim Donde, the parties will cooperate to increase the efficiency of the region's fuel and energy complex, develop wholesale and retail supplies of petrochemical products and evolve regional road infrastructure.

The parties also agreed to provide joint research and scientific support, required for the development of new technologies and equipment, and apply LUKOIL's advanced bitumen materials for construction of regional roads. In particular, the bilateral cooperation will facilitate construction of the new Silk Road motorway, a section of which will cross the region.

"The company has capacities to produce over 1.3 million tons of bitumen materials a year and owns the largest in Russia research center to develop new advanced materials. These production and research capacities guarantee successful implementation of the agreement. In total, we have over forty items in LUKOIL's bitumen range, that are used in road paving," Maxim Donde said.


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