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Press Release


LUKOIL Group and Avtodor Group of Companies signed an agreement on a joint investment project in Moscow, today.

The agreement, providing for the development of a rest and service area on the 423th km of the new M-11 Moscow – Saint Petersburg highway, was signed by General Director of LUKOIL-Severo-Zapadnefteprodukt, LLC Maxim Khitrov  and General Director of Avtodor Management Company Natalia Ermilova. 

According to the agreement, two LUKOIL filling stations, one on each side of the federal highway in the Novgorod Region, will be constructed by the end of 2018. The new stations will be integrated into new multi-purpose complexes, featuring parking lots, a shopping center, a fast-food restaurant, a service station, a hotel, as well as a recreational area for drivers and passengers, a gym and a playground.

LUKOIL team headed by Vice President for Petroleum Products Sales Maxim Donde and Chairman of the Board of Avtodor State Companу Sergey Kelbakh discussed potential cooperation on other joint road infrastructure projects. 

"Successful implementation of projects like these, including development of rest and service areas, proves the need to promote our cooperation, and will contribute to the infrastructure development on federal highways," LUKOIL's Vice President Maxim Donde said.

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