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Press Release


{ 10/25/2017 12:00:00 AM }

Shareholders with ownership of securities registered in the shareholder register, as well as those whose ownership of securities is accounted by nominee holders, can use the electronic voting service[1]. It allows shareholders to familiarize themselves with documents related to shareholders meetings, register for the meetings and vote on all the items on the agenda. Access to the service is provided upon completion of an electronic voting ballot on a PC or a mobile device.

A shareholder shall either have a verified ID at the Portal for State and Municipal Services (www.gosuslugi.ru), or apply for a login and a password[2] to LUKOIL's registrar (Garant Registrar), including the registrar's transfer agents.

Ballots for online voting will be available from November 10, 2017 to shareholders whose rights are registered in the company's register of shareholders. Those who are clients of nominee holders will have access to the ballots after the nominee holders provide information to Garant Registrar regarding persons entitled to participate in LUKOIL's Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting.

[1] For issues related to the use of the online service, please contact 8-800-500-2947 or +7(495)221-31-12 (ext. 2924, 2933).   

[2] To use the online service, please follow the link https://evoting.reggarant.ru/Voting/Lk. Those having access to shareholders' personal accounts at https://lk.reggarant.ru/lkaluk/Account/Login) may use them for online voting directly from the personal account (login and password required).


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