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Press Release


{ 9/2/2022 1:56:15 PM }

We deeply regret to announce that Ravil Maganov, Chairman of PJSC LUKOIL Board of Directors, passed away following a severe illness.

Ravil Maganov immensely contributed to the development of not only the Company, but of the entire Russian oil and gas sector.

He started work as an oil operator, and only a few years later took command of Langepasneftegaz production association – one of the three enterprises that laid the foundation for the story of LUKOIL.

For many years, Ravil Maganov led LUKOIL's upstream block as a First Executive Vice President. In 2020, he was named Chairman of PJSC LUKOIL Board of Directors.

Thanks to Ravil Maganov's managerial talent, LUKOIL evolved from a small oil production group to one of the world's leading energy companies in next to no time, increased its oil and gas production manifold, developed from scratch new oil and gas provinces in the Caspian and Baltic seas, successfully launched superviscous oil projects in the Republic of Komi, introduced advanced technological solutions to support production at mature fields in West Siberia, joined consortiums in the most promising oil regions of the world.

For his successes in the development of Russian fuel and energy sector, Ravil Maganov received many national awards.

​LUKOIL's many thousands of employees mourn deeply for this grievous loss and express their sincere condolences to Ravil Maganov's family. 

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