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Press Release


{ 8/31/2023 3:19:10 PM }

PJSC LUKOIL and the International Association of LUKOIL Trade Union Organizations signed an agreement until the end of 2026.

The document outlines the main principles and conditions for managing social and labour issues, as well as provides for additional social guarantees, more extensive than those set by the current legislation.

The agreement clarifies the norms related to occupational health and safety, adjusts the tariffs for welfare payments, as well as for additional payments to allowances for temporary disability and maternity aid. The new edition of the document introduces better vacation travel allowances for those working in the regions of the Far North and equated localities, as well as better travel compensations for employees going to a new job location. The agreement establishes the scope of material aid provided in case of a child birth or an adoption. It also introduces a clear definition of a "status of a young specialist".

The agreement serves as a basis for collective agreements signed in all LUKOIL Group organizations. The continuous enhancement of the document, which follows the changes in legislation and LUKOIL's corporate regulations, ensures stable development of the Company's system of social partnership and confirms the Company's openness to cooperate with its employees and the trade union under the LUKOIL Group Sustainability Policy.

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