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Press Release


{ 6/23/2023 12:09:38 PM }

​The 30 Years of Sustainable Development of LUKOIL Group became the winner of the VII annual ECO BEST AWARDS. The ceremony took place at the Ecology and Business: Best Corporate Practices conference.

The project recounts the 30 years of the making of the Company's corporate governance culture and the key management decisions for improving the business economic efficiency while solving present social and environmental problems. Among the notable initiatives are the creation of LUKOIL Charity Fund to help people and organizations in Russian regions and introduction of an integrated health, safety and environment management system. The Company successfully implements programmes for biodiversity conservation, use of associated petroleum gas, and construction of renewable energy generation facilities. LUKOIL strictly adheres to the Zero Discharge principle at all its offshore fields. Several core documents were adopted, such as LUKOIL Group Sustainability Policy and LUKOIL Group Human Rights Policy.​

Projects of LUKOIL Group organizations also received recognition. LUKOIL-Yugnefteproduct LLC became the winner in the Contribution to Environmental Culture Development category for its "Growing Environmental Literacy" project. Stavrolen LLC received award for the best children education project "Love, Study and Protect Your Native Land". The project of the year title, according to ECO BEST AWARDS, went to LUKOIL-Kubanenergo LLC for construction of the solar power plant at the territory of the Krasnodar CHPP. 

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