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Press Release


{ 1/26/2017 12:00:00 AM }

LUKOIL increases the supply of its premium industrial lubricants to KAMAZ Group subsidiaries. After more than six months of field tests, KAMAZ has completely switched its production facilities to the use of LUKOIL GEYSER hydraulic oils and LUKOIL ASSISTO quenching oils.

«LUKOIL is KAMAZ’s strategic partner in the field of development of motor oils for commercial vehicles. Since 2007, our company has been supplying first-fill oils to KAMAZ, and from 2013 onwards, we have produced original KAMAZ oils at our own manufacturing facilities. Today, we seize room for expanding our mutually beneficial cooperation and strive to take full advantage of the opportunities», Vladimir Nekrasov, LUKOIL First Vice President, commented.

«KAMAZ is working to improve its production processes. In particular, we modernize our equipment in line with the latest technologies in mechanical engineering. This leads to tougher requirements for spare parts, accessories and consumables at our factories. It is an encouraging trend that a domestic manufacturer, LUKOIL, provides us with lubricants meeting international quality standards», Sergey Kogogin, KAMAZ General Director, noted.

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