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Management Shares

Stakes of Board of Directors (BoD) Members and Management Committee Members in Company Share Capital

Shares in LUKOIL owned by members of the BoD and the Management Committee are shown in accordance with Russian statutory requirements on disclosure of such information and are calculated on the basis of the number of shares owned by these persons (including those registered in the name of nominal holders). Stakes in authorized capital stock may be counted differently in other countries. Specifically, percentages of authorized share capital presented below are not shown in exactly the same fashion as they were disclosed in compliance with the rules of the UK FCA.

Percentage of LUKOIL authorized share capital,
owned by BoD members*

NameNominal stake, %  
V. Alekperov 3.12
V. Blazheev
T. Gati
R. Maganov0.48
R. Munnings
B. Porfirev
P. Teplukhin
L. Fedun1.45
L. Khoba
S. Shatalov
W. Schussel


Percentage of LUKOIL authorized share
capital, owned by Management Committee 

NameNominal stake, %   
V. Alekperov3.12
V. Verkhov
V. Vorobyev0.03
P. Zhdanov
I. Mandrik
I. Maslyaev0.05
A. Matytsyn0.39
A. Moskalenko0.03
O. Pashaev
D. Rogachev0.01
G. Fedotov0.02
E. Khavkin0.01
A. Shamsuarov0.01


* As of 23.07.2021