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Vladimir Region

PJSC LUKOIL has been operating in Vladimir Region since 2002 when OJSC “Vladimirnefteprodukt”, Vladimir Oil Product Supply Facility, —  became part of the Company. There are 44 filling stations and 2 bulk plants (Vyaznikovsk and Sudogodsk) operating currently in Vladimir Region under the LUKOIL brand.

Sudogodsk bulk plant is one of the largest ones in Vladimir Region. —  It is automated and equipped with state-of-the-art devices to manage almost all processes remotely. It minimizes the “human” factor impact on production.

LUKOIL is an active participant in the social life of the region. In 2015 the Company received a letter of gratitude from the Mayor of Vladimir for active participation in preparing and hosting the events dedicated to the celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941—1945.

Company Presence

LLC LUKOIL-Volganefteprodukt    Petroleum Product Marketing

  • The Social and Cultural Projects Competition has been organized in Vladimir Region since 2012.

  • 2014 — the "Young Talents of the Vladimir Land" project was implemented to find and promote talented children and promising young musicians from district music and art schools.

  • 2014 — a bus was purchased for Vladimir Region SUESS "Gus-Khrustalny Social Rehabilitation Center" to help implement the "Childhood without Violence" Subprogram (establishment of the emergency response service);

  • 2014 — formal donation of the equipment for the blind and visually impaired to Vladimir Region correction institution – a boarding school for visually impaired children as part of implementation of the "I see the World with my Hands" project;

  • 2015 — active support was provided when Victory Day events were conducted in Vladimir Region, in particular, in the cities of Suzdal and Vladimir.

  • 2015 — the Company supported the "Suzdal and Vladimir Museums without Borders" project when all museum buildings were equipped with aids for the mobility impaired citizens (installation of wheelchair ramps, handrails, etc.).

Environmental regulations are a priority at our facilities. As a result of nature protection measures we are able to grow mountain ashes and apple trees at Sudogorsk bulk plant. Facility employees breed perches and crucian carps in the technological pond.

The Company's team in Vladimir Region received multiple awards for their achievements in environmental policy implementation. Its employees carefully preserve both the environment and our history. In the town of Petushki, they fenced an age-old oak-tree growing at the premises of filling station #50.

  • 2015 — the Department of Natural Resources Management and Environmental Protection of the Vladimir Region Administration issued a note of acknowledgement to the Vladimir facility for participation in the international environmental activity "Parks Marching" and for their civic stance.

  • 2015 — we received a letter of gratitude for the protection and rational use of water bodies from the Upper-Volga Water Department of the Federal Water Resources Agency.

  • 2015 — we received a letter of gratitude for active participation in the third All-Russia environmental work-for-the-nation day "Green Russia" supported by the Russian Ministry of Nature and hosted by the "Druzhba" regional forest park.

  • Every year the Company's employees take part in the traditional All-Russia campaign "Clean Shores for our Rivers and Lakes".

  • The petroleum tanks at Sudogodsk bulk plant were painted light, which made it possible for them not to heat up so much and solved the problem of oil product evaporation.