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Moscow and Moscow Region

PJSC LUKOIL has been operating in Moscow since its establishment in 1991. The Company mainly focuses on retail and wholesale distribution of light and heavy petroleum products, packaged lubricants, fuel retail marketing via its filling station network. In this most competitive region of Russia, fuel is sold through 125 filling stations. In 2006 in accordance with Decree of the Moscow Government, the Company's filling stations received the Environmental Sign proving that LUKOIL's filling stations comply with the existing environmental requirements and confirming the quality of its motor fuel.

Company Presence

PJSC LUKOIL Corporate Center    Main Office
LLC LUKOIL-TsentrnefteproduktПермКрай_иконка_Сбыт-нефтепродуктов.jpg    Petroleum Product Marketing
LLC LUKOIL-RezervnefteproduktПермКрай_иконка_Сбыт-нефтепродуктов.jpg    Petroleum Product Marketing
LLC LICARDПермКрай_иконка_Сбыт-нефтепродуктов.jpg    Petroleum Product Marketing

Health, safety and environmental policy of PJSC LUKOIL in the 21st century is aimed at preservation of a favorable environment, protection of health and safety of personnel and those living in the area of  the Company's industrial impact.

In its operations, LUKOIL utilizes only the most advanced technologies: all new filling stations are equipped with fuel de-aeration and automatic overflow control systems; fuel dispensers are capable of recycling fuel vapors from vehicle fuel tanks.

Since 2012 the Company has been general sponsor of the environmental car rally "From the Past Into the Future" organized by the Moscow Government. Promoting environmental conservation is the first and most important step to create public awareness of the environmental friendliness concepts. 

Over the years the Company has helped various noncommercial organizations, children's and healthcare institutions such as the Society

 of the Red Cross, the Children's social fund "Sports Republic", the WWII Veteran Organization in the regions of its presence and many others.

LUKOIL supports leading state museums, such as the State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow Kremlin Museums, the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts and creative teams. The LUKOIL Charity Fund has been active for many years now.

In the future the Company plans to continue its well-established relations with children's institutions, to support social organizations, and to develop charity programs initiated by the local organizations.

In 2015, on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory, LUKOIL filling stations organized the Spring of Victory campaign to commemorate the 70th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War. Owners of Lukoil loyalty cards took an active part in the campaign. Finalists participated in the quiz on the history of the Great Patriotic War. The winners were awarded guided tours to Berlin and received points on their loyalty cards.

As part of the Spring of Victory campaign all the Great Patriotic War veterans - owners of Lukoil loyalty cards — received gift certificates for 70 liters of fuel.