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Astrakhan Region

PJSC LUKOIL has been operating in the Astrakhan Region since 1995. Implementation of the infrastructure development project of the raw hydrocarbon field located in the Caspian Sea, namely, the Caspian project, is considered priority area.

Six major multilayer fields were discovered in the Caspian Sea (V. Filanovsky field, Yuri Korchagin field, Sarmatskoye field, Khvalynskoye field, Rakushechnoye field, 170 km field) and 10 promising structures with ultimate С1+С2 geological reserves coming to 1.1 bln. TOE.

The Yu. Korchagin field, 180 km away from Astrakhan has become the first commissioned field. The proved reserves come to around 29 mln. barrels of oil and nearly 64 bln. cu. m of gas. Around RUB 45 billion were invested into project implementation.

Now LUKOIL is about to complete the V. Filanovsky field infrastructure development, the largest field discovered in Russia in the last 25 years. According to the specialists' estimates the oil reserves come to 220 mln. tn., gas reserves 40 - bln. cu. m. The estimated oil production is equal to 6 million tons per year. The shipbuilding yards of the Astrakhan Region were engaged into stage 1 and stage 2 facility construction. Start of commercial operation is scheduled for the third quarter of 2016.

A unique Corporate Training Center (CTC) that has no rivals in Russia was constructed at LUKOIL's initiative and its expense was commissioned in 2011. The personnel intended for offshore oil-and-gas fields are trained in the center.

In 2011 PJSC LUKOIL commissioned a 125 MW CCGT Unit at the Astrakhan SDPP in Astrakhan, in 2013 — a 235 MW CCGT Unit. Thus, PJSC LUKOIL fulfilled its obligations to construct new generating facilities in the Astrakhan Region and completely satisfied the region's electric power needs.

Company Presence

LLC LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft    Oil and gas field development and production
AO RITEK    Oil and gas field development and production
LLC LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft    Transportation
LLC LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneftprodukt    Petroleum Product Marketing
LLC LUKOIL-Astrakhanenergo    Electric and Thermal Power Generation

PJSC Astrakhan Power Supply Company

    Electric and Thermal Power Supply

  • Since 2000 LUKOIL has been participating in the regional projects aimed at sturgeon reproduction and support of "Bios" FSUE SPC.

  • LUKOIL has been cooperating with "KaspNIRKh" FSUE for many years now. The largest joint environmental project is the annual international research-to-practice conference "The Challenges of Preserving the Ecosystem of the Caspian Sea during Oil-and-Gas Field Development".

  • Every year LUKOIL Group entities in the Astrakhan Region hold various events and volunteer drives as part of the "Clean Riverside" project to clean the riverside and improve the environmental situation in the Volga Delta.

  • It was LUKOIL that first used the "zero discharge" principle in the Caspian Sea.  This principle means that deep-sea disposal of any kind of waste generated as the result of production is strictly prohibited. All waste products are collected into closed containers and taken onshore for decontamination and disposal.

  • In February 2013 PJSC LUKOIL, the Fund for Regional Social Programs "Our Future" together with the Astrakhan Region Government and Astrakhan Municipal Administration built the "Seven Color Flower" kindergarten for 245 children in Astrakhan and donated to the capital of the region. In 2014 the Company helped increase the capacity of the kindergarten to 320 children. 354 million rubles were invested into the construction of the pre-school facility.

  • A. Zhilkin, Governor of Astrakhan Region, and the Fund for Regional Social Programs "Our Future"  supported reconstruction of a modern FTI rehabilitation center.

  • For many years LUKOIL has been key partner of the "Vobla" fishing festival, favored by the residents of Astrakhan, as well as holder of the LUKOIL week, timed to coincide with the Oil and Gas Workers' Day, family sports days, children's competitions and concerts in open-air venues of Astrakhan.  Environmental contests among Astrakhan Region school students conducted together with the Ministry of Education and Science have also become traditional.

  • One of the most significant social projects was implemented to commemorate the 450th anniversary of Astrakhan. In 2008 LUKOIL sponsored the landscaping of the central part of the city including the Volga embankment near Peter the Great statue, Governor Guzhvin Avenue, and the Swan Lake.

  • In 2014 LLC "LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft" won the All-Russia competition "Socially Efficient Russian Organization" for "participation in social problem-solving of the territories and corporate charity program development".

  • Every year LUKOIL and the LUKOIL Charity Fund conduct the Social and Cultural Projects Competition of the Company in Astrakhan Region and the Republic of Kalmykia.

  • Thanks to the Company's efforts the village movie theater "Yubileyny" in the workers' settlement of Liman was rebuilt and equipped with a 3D projection system.

  • In the Lagansky District of the Republic of Kalmykia phase 1 of reconstruction of the local culture center was initiated. Funds were allocated for the purchase of a children's playground.

  • In the settlement of Liman (Astrakhan Region), over 15 million rubles were allocated for the construction of the Church of the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan.

  • The Company is responsible for a number of social institutions in the region. In Astrakhan Region they include a "foster home for children with disabilities" in the village of Raznochinovka (Narimansky District) and Sasykolsky orphanage in Kharabalinsky District.   They were rebuilt, their premises were landscaped, and classrooms were equipped modern teaching aids.

  • For a number of years the LUKOIL Charity Fund has been purchasing cutting edge equipment for the Liman Central District Hospital and Children Hospital #1 for Newborns in Astrakhan. The Company cooperates with the Burunovskaya Hospital, Children City Hospital #2, and a hospital in the Chernozemelsky District of the Republic of Kalmykia.

  • As for its educational efforts, LUKOIL has implemented an extensive project to equip the deposit development class-room of the Astrakhan State Technical University Oil-and-Gas Department with simulators and software.

  • A number of cultural institutions partner up with the Company. They include the regional Philharmonia, the Art Gallery, and the Opera and Ballet Theater. The LUKOIL Charity Fund donated two "Steinway" grand pianos to Astrakhan concert halls. In 2015 it also purchased musical instruments for the gifted students of music schools.

  • In 2015, Minutes to the Agreement between Astrakhan Region and PJSC LUKOIL were signed that provided for a three-year social program. On the one hand, it guarantees implementation of significant mid-term charity programs in the region, and on the other hand, it makes it possible for LUKOIL to plan its social expenditures most efficiently. In 2015, as part of the Agreement, funds were allocated to restore the sites related to Anniversary of the Victory Day. Victory Boulevard was reconstructed in Astrakhan, while the central square and monument to the Fallen Heroes were restored in Liman settlement.

  • In Ikryaninsky District of Astrakhan Region a sports center is being renovated -—in 2015 phase one was finished; reconstruction is expected to be completed by 2017. 

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