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Samara Region

PJSC LUKOIL has been operating in Samara Region since April 2003 after the purchase of Samara-Nafta, later converted into TPE RITEK-Samara-Nafta.

The Company operates in 11 municipal districts of Samara Region and develops around 60 oil fields located in the northern and southern parts of the region.  LUKOIL is also developing petroleum product marketing in Samara Region.

In 2015, 6 new fields were discovered in Samara Region. 

Company Presence

TPE RITEK-Samara-Nafta 
05_geological-exploration.png    Geological Exploration, Oil and Gas Production
ООО «ЛУКОЙЛ-Уралнефтепродукт»

ПермКрай_иконка_Сбыт-нефтепродуктов.jpg        Petroleum Product Marketing

According to the Company's plans in Q1 2018 utilization of APG at the Company's facilities in Samara Region will reach 95%.

In terms of innovations in Samara Region, LUKOIL is exploring the Domanic deposits. In this regard the Company interacts with the Samara Technical University. A corresponding cooperation agreement was signed in 2013.

LUKOIL is a socially responsible corporate citizen in Samara Region following provisions of the cooperation agreement between PJSC LUKOIL and the Samara Region Government signed in November 2013.

According to this agreement, the Company provided, among other things, financial support to the local sports teams (Lada Ice-Hockey Club, TsSK VVS Sports Club, Basketball Federation of Samara Region) and to the charity foundation established to promote social development of Samara Region.

The largest charity project in Samara Region is the construction of a multi-purpose sports facility in the village of Koshki. The sports center is a two-storey building with an area of 6.8 thousand cu. m, an ice rink, rooms for weightlifting and wrestling, universal gaming, gymnastics and workout rooms, as well as billiard and chess rooms.

In 2015, the Company donated 125 million rubles to construct the sports facility and 93 million rubles for other charity projects.

Since 2015, LUKOIL's Social and Cultural Projects Competition has been held in Samara Region. The total grant funding of the first competition amounted to 15 million rubles. A total of 450 applications applications had been submitted, of which 54 winner projects from 9 towns and 18 municipal districts of Samara Region were announced winners. The top management of PJSC LUKOIL and Samara Region participated in the award ceremony to honor the winners. In March 2016, the 2nd Social and Cultural Projects Competition was announced in Samara Region.