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Kaliningrad Region

LUKOIL started to operate in Kaliningrad Region in 1995 after it had purchased the assets of the OJSC Kaliningradneftegaz.

LUKOIL extracts oil and gas in Kaliningrad Region and on the Baltic Sea shelf. The largest offshore deposit in the Baltic Sea was discovered in 1983 in area D-6, in the waters 22 km to the west off the Curonian Spit. The field has been in development since 2004. Many years' experience of Kaliningrad oilers has proven that oil and gas could be produced in harmony with nature and the society by using a professional approach to ecology and social policy.

Besides, there is a network of filling stations and a complex oil terminal to transport oil and petroleum products.

LUKOIL Group entities are engaged in systemic environmental conservation and develop social partnership keeping up LUKOIL's good reputation in Kaliningrad Region

Company Presence

LLC LUKOIL-KMNПермКрай_иконка_Добыча-нефти-газа.jpg    Development and Production
LLC LUKOIL-KNT    Transportation
LLC LUKOIL-Severo-Zapadnefteprodukt    Petroleum Product Marketing
LLC LUKOIL-BUNKER    Marine and river bunkerage

While implementing the project aimed at developing the Kravtsovskoye field infrastructure, LUKOIL was the first Russian company to use the "zero discharge" principle which completely prevents any waste (industrial or domestic) from being discharged into the Baltic Sea when operating the drilling platform and transporting oil.

The "zero discharge" principle was reviewed by the Helsinki Commission in 2007 and recommended for use at all existing, planned and constructed platforms in the Baltic Sea.

Since 2003 LUKOIL conducts annual environmental monitoring of the Kravtsovskoye field including:

  • satellite monitoring; 

  • naval monitoring;

  • comprehensive use of long-term bottom and buoy technologies; 

  • monitoring of the littoral and coastal zones;

  • use of stochastic models of assessment of environmental safety and damages to the environment;

  • notification of stakeholders of the results.

For many years LUKOIL has been extensively supporting important social events and facilities in Kaliningrad Region. Some of the events are implemented as part of the Agreement between PJSC

LUKOIL and the Kaliningrad Region Government. On April 18, 2016 the next Cooperation Agreement, as well as Minutes to the Cooperation Agreement were signed for 2016.

In 2000 the company took part in the financing of the purchase and installation of the monument to Marshall Vasilevsky. In 2003 thanks to the oilers, Elizabethan Fort, a site of great historical and cultural value, was built in the town of Baltiysk, Kaliningrad Region.

In 2004 the Company spent 20 million rubles to renovate a boarding school in the settlement of Bolshoye Isakovo.

In 2005 the Company was general sponsor of the commemorations of the 750th anniversary of Konigsberg-Kaliningrad. Allocated funds were used to decorate the city for celebration, set up performance stages, equip the press center and promote the anniversary among its citizens and city visitors.

In 2006 the Company financed projects related to the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Kaliningrad Region including improvement of Kaliningrad's central square and municipal territories of the region.

In 2012, to celebrate its 40th anniversary, the company acted as general sponsor of the Kaliningrad City Day.

On top of targeted financing of important events, LUKOIL has always supported institutions of science, culture, education, sports and healthcare in Kaliningrad Region. The Kant Baltic Federal University, P.P. Shirshov Ocean Studies Institute, World Ocean Museum, Amber Museum, Kaliningrad Regional Philharmonic Hall, Children's regional hospital, as well as various schools, orphanages, pre-school institutions and many other organizations receive support on a permanent basis. For a long time the Company has been sponsoring the Baltika football club, and from 2007 until 2011 it was the title sponsor of the Dynamo-Yantar volleyball club.

The Company has always been providing targeted assistance to the most needy residents. War and combat veterans have always enjoyed our special care and attention.

As the Company had accumulated experience of charity and sponsorship, it was decided to come up with a new technology of distributing finances to support socially significant projects — on a competitive basis. In 2008 the LUKOIL Social and Cultural Projects Competition was launched in Kalinigrad Region to improve efficiency of the Company's charity activities. Since that time LUKOIL and non-commercial organizations of the region have become equal partners in solving important social problems. Since the introduction of this competition in Kaliningrad Region, more than 738 applications have been considered, 131 winner projects have been selected.