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LUKOIL in the Republic of Moldova

PJSC LUKOIL has been present in Moldova since 1995, and is now the leading Russian fuel and energy company in the country.

As of 2015, PJSC LUKOIL's share in the Moldovan fuel market stood at 23,3 percent by retail sales volume. The company created some 1.1 thousand jobs in the country.

LUKOIL markets petroleum products through a network of over 100 gas stations, three in-house petroleum product storage depots and one gas terminal.

PJSC LUKOIL's key activities in Moldova include:

  • wholesale of fuel and lubricants: diesel fuel, gasoline, liquefied gas, jet fuel (the only operator that offers jet fuel bunkering services in Moldova), and lubricants;

  • retail sale of diesel fuel, gasoline, liquefied and natural gas, and oils;

  • transportation, transshipment and storage of fuel and lubricants;

  • additional services (car wash and repair);

  • auxiliary services (sale of car accessories, fast food).

Initially, LUKOIL didn't own any gas stations, service stations or other related facilities in the country. On January 14, 1997, the Company took the first step in developing its retail network by getting commissioned three gas stations and thus launching retail marketing of petroleum products all across Moldova. By the end of 1999, LUKOIL's local retail network comprised eleven gas stations. In 2000, the Company set about expanding its share of the local retail market and added 27 new gas stations to its network, which at that point comprised 38 stations. Between 2001 and 2006, it acquired another 45 gas stations. In the ensuing years, in order to secure its leading position in the Moldovan market amid increased competition, LUKOIL yet again expanded its retail network of gas stations primarily by leasing gas stations in areas and regions where the Company didn't have any presence.

Company Presence

"LUKOIL-Moldova" S.R.L.ПермКрай_иконка_Сбыт-нефтепродуктов.jpg    Petroleum Product Marketing

Since its foundation, LUKOIL has actively taken part in socially-oriented public events, such as:

  • financing repairs and reconstruction of cultural and historical landmarks and monuments, for example, a cathedral in mun. Chișinău, the Moldova Metropolia's building, the Capriana and Condrita monasteries, the Alexander Pushkin

  •  Museum, and the Victory Memorials in mun.Chișinău and Şerpeni village.

  • financing initiatives for the advancement of education and providing support to students. Over the course of several consecutive years, the Company maintained cooperation with the Technical University of Moldova, providing twelve personal scholarships to University's best students and two

  • personal scholarships to its best doctoral students, and two personal scholarships to young researchers in economics and management.

  • providing financial support and assistance to WWII veterans, pensioners, victims of climate disasters, orphanages and other public institutions.

  • providing organizational and financial support to cultural events in the capital and other localities, namely concerts, new talents shows, national music festivals and Town Days celebrations.

  • providing assistance in organizing repairs and reconstruction of local springs and wells, financing the Moldovan Youth Football League and the Moldovan Basketball Federation.

In line with the basic principles of social partnership, outlined in the Company's Social Code, and in order to shape a consistent corporate culture, knit employees together and create a warm and friendly atmosphere inside the team, the Company's Administration and the Trade Union jointly organize various social programs for employees, such as:

  • providing them with health resorts and children summer camps vouchers;

  • providing them and members of their families with holidays at the seaside and organizing sporting events and competitions;

  • holding corporate parties to celebrate New Year's Day, Oil Industry Workers' Day and the International Women's Day.

  • various other types of assistance and perks.

LUKOIL Moldova LLC is renowned for its careful attitude towards the environment, thanks

to the following achievements:

  • The Company has improved the environmental profile of new kinds of LUKOIL's motor fuel (EKTO brand), which enabled a significant reduction in the emissions of carcinogens, sulfur and nitrogen compounds, and other hazardous substances;

  • The LUKOIL Group got up and running the industrial production and marketing of environmentally-friendly diesel fuel with a sulfur content of 10 ppm (0,01%), which complies with the European standard EN-590:2004;

  • Thanks to a low content of sulfur and aromatics in LUKOIL's EURO-5 rules, the total amount of combustion products emissions was cut almost by half; of carcinogenic nitro polyaromatic hydrocarbons - by eight times; of nitrogen compounds - by more than a half; of soot - by 1,5-2 times.

To protect the environment, the Company takes at its bulk plants a number of emissions-reducing measures: all the tanks are equipped with pontoons, pressure vent valves and other protective devices. To prevent waste water pollution, all bulk plants and gas stations are equipped with state-of-the-art sewage treatment facilities.

By a decree No. 1864 of December 7, 2015, Moldova's President Nicolae Timofti awarded LUKOIL Moldova LLC. with a Gloria Muncii order for its extraordinary contribution to the development of the petroleum products market in the Republic of Moldova and uninterrupted deliveries of fuel resources to local consumers. 

LUKOIL Moldova LLC is a guarantor of the country's energy security and uninterrupted deliveries of quality petroleum products to the local market.