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LUKOIL in the Italian Republic

PJSC LUKOIL has been developing its business in Italy for over five years, following the 2008 acquisition of a 49% stake in the ISAB refinery in Priolo in the southeast of Sicily. The ISAB refinery is currently fully owned by the LUKOIL Group and is Europe's third largest refinery in terms of throughput.

Following the acquisition of the interest in ISAB refinery, since 2008, the Company has been actively developing its wholesale and retail operations to sell petroleum products, petrochemicals, base oils, as well as finished lubricants manufactured by LUKOIL Group companies. PJSC LUKOIL is presently one of the largest Russian investors in Italy.

Company Presence

ISAB S.r.l.01_refining.jpg    Oil Refining
LUKOIL Italia S.r.l.ПермКрай_иконка_Сбыт-нефтепродуктов.jpg    Petroleum Product Marketing

The Company seeks to minimize its environmental footprint and continuously improves its environmental standards, taking good care of Italy's vibrant nature.

Most notably, the Company provided backing to a project titled "Liberamente" launched by the conservationists of LIPU. Liberamente stands for a nature conservation initiative to protect the salt lakes in the vicinity of the Company's refinery. Among other things, the project focused on the restoration and preservation of the birds' nesting grounds.

The Company is mindful of its social responsibility as Italy’s corporate citizen. The projects it has traditionally supported include:

  • The “School Project” that brings together projects involving students of elementary, secondary and higher schools in the province of Syracuse (a total of about 200 schools). The project covers educational programs in literature, culture, sports education, road safety, economy and industry, including programs designed to develop business acumen and business culture. The three major projects that compose the School Project include: "Un casco vale una vita", "Junior Achievment" and "Vola libro".

  • Support of sports, including youth sports, and the five-a-side football club Augusta and Priolo Gargallo soccer club. The Company’s support makes it possible e.g. for children from low-income families to take part in the Priolo Gargallo events.

  • Support of the elderly club in Priolo Gargallo, that implements recreational and healthcare programs, and provides psychological counseling. Assistance is offered to the unemployed in Priolo Gargallo, and financial aid is provided to elderly and disabled citizens.

  • Support of a children’s summer camp for kids from the municipality of Melilla.

  • A three-year project to fight cancer, launched in conjunction with the local branch of the National Healthcare Institute (ASP — Azienda Sanitaria Provinciale).