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LUKOIL in the Republic of Iraq

As for the Middle East, Iraq is very important region of LUKOIL business development outside Russia. Iraq is one of the world’s most promising regions for building up production due to its enormous reserves of conventional hydrocarbons. For LUKOIL, with its vast history of onshore production and development of conventional oil, Iraq is very appealing in terms of business development and application of the lessons learned. In 2014, LUKOIL produced the first oil at West Qurna-2, a field in southern Iraq. This is one of the world’s largest fields. LUKOIL is also a party to an exploration project, covering Block 10 located in proximity to West Qurna-2.

Company Presence

LUKOIL MID-EAST LIMITED     Production of oil, gas and condensate
LUKOIL Overseas Iraq Exploration B.V.      Geological exploration

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